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Hans Zimmer feat. Chicago - Hearts in Trouble Lyrics

Nothings gonna change your head, you wouldn't let it
Nothings gonna change your mind
You just wanna let ahead and you can't forget it
Leaving all the best behind
Take a look at yourself in the mirror
You'll find, you'll find

(Hearts in trouble)
It's hard to tell when you're losing touch
You can't find love when you got so much
(Hearts in trouble)
Don't you know that I'll be there for you
Turn around and see what love can do for you

Somethin' gettin' in your way, you can't shake it
It's never gonna let you go
Running from your yesterday, you won't make it
If you never let it go

All the things that you need,
You've been leaving behind
Soon your heart's gonna bleed,
You've been losing your mind, you can't hide


Never know what you got
Till it's moved down the line
Take a look at yourself in the mirror,
You'll find, you'll find

Hearts in,


Somethings gonna turn your head, you're gonna get it
Somethings gonna change your mind
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