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Ginuwine - Why Not Me Lyrics

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Why not me
Is it that I'm too ghetto for you
Why not me
Girl there's nothing I won't cop for you
Why not me
I'm here to give you all your dreams
I'm dedicated
No time to wasting
I'll fulfill your every need

It ain't a thang
I'm far from a lame
Girl its all to the good
You're by yourself I'm all alone
And we're both from the hood
Your playing hard to get now
That's probably why your by yourself now
But I caught your eye when you walked by
And you persist to try to entertain
All of them things that you probably just heard
None of its true and that's my word
Baby don't believe a thing you hear now
The haters are always on my back now
But you feel me and this I know
So won't you just let go
Tell me why


I'd like to think I'm a good guy so tell me why not me
Can't blame you though if all your ex-boyfriends did you shady
But don't take that out on me girl
Oops I got to take it back its your world
Baby I'm just that guy ill show you why
If you just give me one try
I'm telling you I don't get down like that
Can't play the role
Or play myself
I just got to get in that's for sure
Got a little money
I spit game to the honeys
But you're all a nigga needs
I won't give you chicken feed


You should tell me something something
Can't imagine me just wanting
Put your cards out on the table
Baby I'm willing and able
Picture that me dippin' on ya
What the use if I'm up on ya
I'm the one you searched so long for
Give me one chance and you'll want no more

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