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Ginuwine - There It is (Interlude) Lyrics

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Said I work my fingers down to the bone
I put it down from 9 to 5 so you should know
(You want to know what else?)
And I bust my ass so you can live good
Yes I do, girl
Now all I want you to do is what you should
There it is

See there it is (there it is baby)
That ungrateful shit
There you go again, complanin'
What your aim is
I don't know but I'm

I'm not doing this shit for nothing
I pay the car note, light bill, house note
What you think, this shit's for nothing?
You're not workin'
So what more you want?

I do my best to give you what you need
It seems that
The harder that I work, the less you see
Ooh baby (ooh baby)
Who wouldn't want the life you lead?
Just think about it
Living the good life, yeah
Practically scott-free, oh oh oh oh yeah

See there it is (there it is, there it is)
That ungrateful shit (you see what I'm talkin' 'bout)
There you again, bein' worse, um yeah
Like you earned somethin' round here
But let's be clear


You got two seconds, pack your shit and get on outta here
Gotta go, gotta go baby
You don't appreciate what a man like me is about
No you don't
And you know I'm workin' 9 to 5
Workin' hard everyday baby (listen)
Even put my name (put my name)
Even served my day (served my day)
Down for some overtime, yeah

See there you go (there you go, there you go)
Tryin' to run the show

Oh, you don't pay my car note
Pay my light bill
Pay my house note

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