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Ginuwine - Far Away Lyrics

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Yea this is one of those songs when you have a relationship and your woman
Is just being real distant, you ask her this

How come your so far away?
Come back to me, Do you hear me?
How come your so far away?
It's so frightening, Have I lost yeah?
How come your so far away?
Have I hurt yeah or depressed yeah?
How come your so far away?
It's so frightening, boo I love yeah
How come?

I'm lonely and I don't know where to turn
I'm so out of my mind and it burns baby it burns
(When I reached out it came back right to me)
I had the bomb chick, I tricked, she switched, she was flawless (oh) and I lost(oh) this
I deeply regret everything I've done to you
So baby please tell me why


I'm in agony and my heart is hollowed out
(There's nobody home, There's nobody home)
And once I was told this what love is all about
(I wish I never found out)
I wish this on no one, cause this is nothing to be wished
And I'd give my right arm, anything to be done with this
Cause it hurts, it's pain
Nevertheless you heal, but the time is what kills
And I'm sorry, so tell me why


I'm tired, I'm tired, I'm tired, I'm tired, and I want you back
Baby [Repeats]
These days are done I never do it again, do come back
Baby [Repeats]
I now appreciate just who you are, I need you back
Baby [Repeats]
I won't take you for granted, never baby please come back
Baby [Repeats]

[Chorus: Repeats]
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