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Ginuwine - Bedda To Have Loved Lyrics

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mmmm ohh
oh girl i know it feels like your alone
but more have gone through the same thing
the pain i know it seems to much to bear
but time heals wounds, i know it don't seem fair

girl i know your pain and it hurt so deep
i've been there before
but baby you will see that we've all been hurt
we've had our faults
bedda to have loved than not have loved at all

oh girl i know in life things change alot
but you see thats life and thats what lifes about
but theres more fish in the sea
you can bet your last dollar, please believe me
i know you will

::CHORUS:: x2

girl (girl) i (i )know (know) whatcha feelin deep inside
it will all fade (fade) away (away)
baby it will pass you by
pleasse believe me baby

( not not not not not not not not not not not not not )

i know your pain i know your pain i know your pain
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