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George Strait - Beyond the Blue Neon Lyrics

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Swingin' doors
Sawdust floors
A heartache drowns as the whiskey pours
There's a hole in the wall
From some free for all
The ringin' crack of that old cue ball

I've been fallin' in here
For what seems like years
Where the tears and the lonely belong
And wonder what's going on
Beyond that blue neon

I hear tell there's people out there who don't know
What losin' you means
They don't have a heart
That just falls apart
At the mention of your name

I heard they pretend
The world didn't end
Right when I knew you were gone
I guess life still goes on
Beyond that blue neon


But it's a quarter 'til two
And I don't have a clue
As to what I'll do from now 'til dawn
I wonder what's going on
Beyond that blue neon

Lord, what's going on
Beyond that blue neon

Album: Beyond The Blue Neon

George Strait - Beyond The Blue Neon Album
Album cover for Beyond The Blue Neon by George Strait released in
Beyond the Blue Neon Lyrics
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