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French Montana - Tonight Only Lyrics

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One night only
One night only
One night only
One night only (Coke Boy, baby)
(La musica de Harry Fraud)

I hit the TV on the side, tried to fix the channel
Now the Wraith with the stars 'til they light the candles
I can spin the block and have you spin back
Or I can get on my grown man and talk to Jim and Max
Tried to lock me on the block but I'm a visionary
Only place success before work is in the dictionary
I'm the seed, throw dirt on me, I'ma grow
Sick in the head, askin' Puff about Pac and B.I.G. (talk to 'em)
I'ma catch up with Allah when we suppose to meet
'Til then, bring the chair, table, and the groceries
For every snipe there's another ten you don't see
We pretend money came, now we don't speak (one night only)
I'm on the edge, tweakin' lately, don't push it (one night only)
Pills ate my brain up, I'm hooked, my insides cookin' (one night only)
Cannon style if they wildin' out
Run 'em over, Suge Knight when we ridin' out (woo)

One slip away
One plan away
One brick away
One scam away
On the road to the riches in my Chevrolet

Sheeps and G.O.A.Ts
Cold killers, there was decent folks
Where the skinny die but we eat the most
Prayed on my enemies, started losin' friends
I could win it all or I could lose again
You need God on this level when your head spinnin'
'Cause the mountain top's small and the air thin
A visiting place, not a living space
Gotta take the stripes right with the scars
And tell death to take it easy 'cause life is hard (one night only)

One slip away
One plan away (one night only)
One brick away
One scam away (one night only)
Road to the riches in my Chevrolet

One slip away
One brick away
One plan away
One scam away
On the road to the riches in my Chevrolet

Hangin' with the killers is the song I sing
Real niggas do real things
Hangin' with some cold bitches, song I sing
Real bitches do real things

Get you all right with the top, ayy
Whip it up 'til it foamin' at the top, ayy
Backshots, she finish off with the top, ayy
From the block, finish off at the top, ayy (one night only)

Montana (one night only)
Harry Fraud (one night only)
This what we do (one night only)
Had that wave before Tidal, ah
Montega, the great
LaFontaine shit (one night only)
French Connection

Album: They Got Amnesia

French Montana - They Got Amnesia Album
Album cover for They Got Amnesia by French Montana released in
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Written By: Karim Kharbouch, Rory William Quigley