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French Montana feat. Fabolous - Didn't Get Far Lyrics

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Mm, mm-mm-mm
Yeah, yeah
Big bag like Santa Claus
Oh, oh (Hitmaka)
That loopy wave
Yeah, baby
The aroma smell like that Dyckman hookah

Black coffee, the glasses same color molasses
Same night at the Aspens, mami shakin' asses
Far from the hood but close enough to caption
Not the 'Gram one, like thousand grand, huh
You do the math
She won't bounce back even if I threw the pass
Lion Head, Medusa mask, haan (haan)
I hit the bottom and flip
I got juice, you can bottle me up
And sell me for a lottery pick
We live like the Vikings
You wouldn't get far
If you confuse between the hoes and the wifin'
Merge like a hyphen
It ain't about the money
I ain't tryna lose the excitement

Wouldn't get far
I tried but I wouldn't get far
My bad that I didn't get far
It's my fault that I didn't get far
I tried but I didn't get far

You see everybody ain't gonna make it (my bad that I didn't get far)
(My fault that I didn't get far)
It's a fact of life and you gotta respect that
(I tried but I didn't get far, didn't get far)
But don't let it hold you back though

Look, for the hood niggas front of bodegas in leathers (yeah)
For the bad bitches dressed in Bottega Veneta (yeah)
This that real shit that you bootleggers could never (could never)
This that cold summer, this ain't no regular weather (woo)
We made positives out of a negative era (for real)
Boys I'm running with, we used to play Sega together (for real)
You can catch me and French out in Vegas for cheddar
Beat the streets and got paid like McGregor, Mayweather
Uh, pray when I get in the car
'Cause a lot of niggas tried but they didn't get far
You know the alphabet boys always spittin' them bars
Gotta stay on your Ps and Qs when you're settin' them odds
And that's why I'm in the Cullinan (yeah)
With the shotguns where you stick the umbrellas in
I hope it don't rain
Streets got love for me, hope it don't change
But I know they take shots with a scope at close range
Like I know these fly bitches love open toe wings
And the money change shit like remote controls, man (man)
Came through all white, poppin' gold chains
I was giving out shit like the Oprah show came (look)
Drip can't save you if they aimin' to kill it
They'll shoot at the logo like they Damian Lillard, uh
This goes out to those who should've got further
Locked up or got murdered
I gotta do it since

Wouldn't get far
I tried but I wouldn't get far
My bad that I didn't get far
It's my fault that I didn't get far
I tried but I didn't get far
My bad that I didn't get far
My fault that I didn't get far
I tried but I didn't get far
Didn't get far

Album: They Got Amnesia

French Montana - They Got Amnesia Album
Album cover for They Got Amnesia by French Montana released in
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Written By: Adam King Feeney, Carl McCormick, Christian Ward, Karim Kharbouch