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Fabolous feat. Slim, Ryan Leslie - Good Lovin' Lyrics

[Verse 1: Slim]
Tell me why you're here tonight
Are you looking for someone to do you right
I see you standing by yourself
And I heard you're stepping for somebody else
Came up to you
So I approached you on the wall
I Started off by saying beautiful
And then I saw
That you already had a man
Cause I noticed the ring on your hand

[Bridge: Slim]
So I thought to myself slow it down, cause I don't want it to get the best of me
But I'm starting to get closer now, cause I'm feeling that this might be destiny
And I'm dancing with you although its wrong
And I cant help but notice you're feeling it
And there's really no use holding out, cause I know its that good love you need
I can give it to you baby

[Chorus: Ryan Leslie]
If its good love you need, I give good lovin'
How its supposed to be, all night and it wont slow down
Its good love you need, I give good loving'
How its supposed to be, all night and it wont slow down

[Verse 2]
Imagine if you came with me, and imagine all the things that we can do
Me and you can make it work so easily, baby I can see it in the way you move
The way you move
I get it from the way you dip, from the way you're biting on your bottom lip
I know you want it
Cause even though you got a man, you're still taking me by the hand



[Verse 3: Fabolous]
I got that good love
You ain't heard of me by now, well you should've
What you been under a rock or you're just outta touch
I know you work, go to school, and don't get out as much
So if you let me baby, I'ma let you whats good
A TV with HD wouldn't show as good
I got that fogging up the windows in the back of Jeeps
Yeah I wake that thing up, and put it back to sleep
You put it back to sleep? That's what I said right?
They do it wrong baby come get your head right
And I think everybody know what Biggie said right?
If its right is on tonight like headlights
I don't slow down, not even for red lights
You cant stop this G double O D
We can both try to fight it like ??
But you need this Loso, in case you didn't know so
Slim take us outta here


[Verse 4: Ryan Leslie]
Now I'm rolling down my tinted window
Is you coming or staying, I see you think about it girlfriend just surrender
You got a chance to make the right choice
I'm intelligent, got my money right, plus I got a nice voice
I can give you the right touch, the right place
You don't really need to be wifed up, hes lightweight
I wrote the right hook, and got you knocked out
I take you shopping, get iced up and rocked out
I know you like the picture, I'ma paint it for real
By the way I put it down slowly when I'm rolling with ya
They'll be looking for us, but well be under covers
On the journey from perfect strangers to secret lovers
Tell me all your stories, I'ma tell you mines
Ill even lie to you, tell you Ill leave the game behind
So you can feel good, but you know what it is
I'm only tryin' to get in and handle my business


[Slim & Ryan Leslie]
Slow down, slow down, and it wont slow down [Repeat: x3]
Slow down, and it wont slow down

If its good love you need, I give good loving
How its supposed to be, and it wont slow down
Its good love you need, I give good loving
How its supposed to be, all night and it wont slow down
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