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Estelle - In the Rain Lyrics

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Ha this remind me of summer
I'm talking 'bout an English summer
You know where it rains

(All night long)

Yeah, but this remind me of you
We don't need to be, just a memory

(If you wanna flow I'll walk away)

It was last love, not the first time
For you to notice me
'Cause you had yours and I had mine
It still wouldn't find to see
If it makes sense, I would make sense
When you put your lips on me
And the feeling, get to feel this
Like this was meant to be

Nah I, but apparently you only get one chance
And I, this is something I may want to last
But we both got other things we got to do
And then, that don't stop this girl from feeling you

Loving in the rain 'til the sun comes out, all night long
Loving in the rain 'til the sun comes out, all night long
Loving in the rain 'til the sun comes out, all night long
We don't need to be just a memory
If you wanna flow I'll walk away

But this is nothing but the real that I speak to you
Feel how I feel for you, nothings quite real but you
I'm changing up my expectations
This ain't changing my person oh it's just relations
And uh, I tried to tell me that a couple times
But you seemed to get into my heart and write a rhyme
And you, a future with a capital F
And I wonder how I got into this beautiful mess
Now I, now this is something I would never do
But you, color my heart in different shades of you
I guess we, we just gotta see where this will go
I know, if you're willing I'm gonna wait for you
To go with me
For to you to go with me


This could take a whole lotta' time
Cos I feel your love in oh so many ways
With you
We could be together
In the rain
You and me together
You and me together
Oh baby I?m gonna wait
To go out in the rain

[Chorus: x2]

Loving in the rain
Leave your girl
All night long
I'll leave my man
Loving in the rain
We don't need no friends
All night long
Just hold my hand

Loving in the rain 'till the sun comes
Leave your girl
Out all night long
I'll leave my man
We don't need to be, just a memory
If you wanna go I'll walk away
Said I'm on the way
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