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Eric Clapton - Run Home to Me Lyrics

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We went down to the seaside,
One cold frosty morning.
Just to go out for a drive,
For an hour or two.

I walked down to the water,
With my love and our baby.
Watched the waves breaking in,
We're enjoying the view.

Then I heard myself saying,
"We should do this more often,
To watch the little ones playing,
On that bright stony shore."

And I wished deep down in my heart,
That we could stay here forever.
In these sweet simple moments,
That will come back no more.

When it's 3 o'clock in the morning,
And something scared you from your breast,
I will gently rock you in my arms,
And lay your little head on my chest,

And when you run, from my arms,
Know we'll always find you.
And when you run, out of loving,
And run home to me. (Run home to me)

And the years fly by so quickly,
Like a plane before my eyes,
And you've grown up into a woman,
Before I had time, had time to realize.

And then you'll run, from my arms,
And we'll always come and find you.
And when you run, out of loving,
Then run home to me.

Lord when you run, run out of my arms,
We will always come and find you,
And when you run, out of loving,
Then run home to me. (Run home to me)
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