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Eric Clapton - Louise Lyrics

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Oh Louise, yes you're the sweetest girl I know.
Don't you know now Louise, you are the sweetest girl that I know.
You made me run from Chicago
Oh, to the Gulf of Mexico.

Now you know Louise,
She's like a rolling stone.
Every time she leave a man,
He has to grieve alone.

Oh Louise, why don't you hurry home?
You know, I never had no good loving,
Oh Louise, since you've been gone.

Got a girl called Mamie,
Treat me nice and kind.
I don't care what she do
Because Louise is on my mind.


Louise ain't so good looking
And her hair ain't red,
But she cooks my breakfast
And I bring it to my bed.


Oh Louise, why don't you hurry home?
Oh Louise, why don't you hurry home?
You made me run from Chicago
Oh, to the Gulf of Mexico.

Album: Eric Clapton in Session

Eric Clapton - Eric Clapton in Session Album
Album cover for Eric Clapton in Session by Eric Clapton released in
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