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Eric Clapton - If I Don't Be There by Morning Lyrics

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Blue sky upon the horizon,
Private eye is on my trail,
And if I don't be there by morning
You know that I must have spent the night in jail.

I've been running from Memphis to L. A.
Had an appointment set sometime for today,
And if I don't be there by morning
You know that I must have gone the other way.

Finding my way back to you girl,
Lonely and blue and mistreated too.
Sometimes I think of you girl,
Is it true that you think of me too?

I got a woman living in L. A.
I got a woman waiting for my pay,
And if I don't be there by morning,
Pack my clothes, get down on your knees and pray.


I left my woman with a twenty dollar bill.
I left her waiting, I hope she's waiting for me still.
If I don't be there by morning
You know that I, I never will.
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