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Elvis Costello feat. Elvis Costello & the Imposters - No Hiding Place Lyrics

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In the not very distant future
When everything will be free
There won't be any cute secrets
Let alone any novelty

You can say anything you want to
In your fetching cloak of anonymity
Are you feeling out of breath now?
In your desperate pursuit of, infamy

Two lovers rocking up and down
In an elevator
15 minutes later
They'll make a killing in the market
They knew how to work it
On that close circuit
My, my, it's a terrible disgrace
You'll find these days that there's
No hiding place

How proud you are
You have the knack
You're howling in a vacuum
Whatever I said about you
I didn't say it behind your back

I paid for my immortal sins
I know the enemy within you
As it seems these days
There is no hiding place

Next time someone wants to hurt you
Or set alight your effigy
Don't call on me to help you out
Don't come crying to me sympathy

You stay there with your daubs and scratches
While I summon up the red machine
I'll be handing someone matches
And carrying a can of kerosene

Walk up to me
And say what you said
See how brave you are
When I'm about this far away

You sit in judgment and bitch
Well, baby that's rich
You're nothing but a snitch

Na, na, na ,na, na , na, na
Na, na, na ,na, na , na, na
Na, na, na ,na, na , na, na

My, my, it's a terrible disgrace (Repeat 3X)
You'll find these days that there's
No hiding place
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