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Denzel Curry feat. Karriem Riggins - Angelz Lyrics

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I spent my whole career lookin' for validation
Chasin' women that use pussy for they persuasion
Chained to my vessel, saw freedom in meditation
Usin' medication would make the perfect escapist
They unprestigious, I got angels in my allegiance
My demons would look for sin like junkies feelin' fiendish
The meanest streets I walk in, these size elevens I stalk
Not carin' if I'm rich or if I'm surrounded by chalk
I could either live like Jay or die like Jah
Alhamdulillah, let Jehovah judge me on my flaws
My word is law, forever stick to the code
Stay bold and just switch it up when things grow old
All I have in this world is my heart and my soul
Lay my life down for it 'cause they both made of gold
Twenty-four karats, twenty-five and countin', twenty-four hours
Days not promised, but for now, never send flowers

I'm growing tired of the bullshit
I keep spinning
Angels keep singing, gotta get through all this
Angels keep singing, angels keep singing

I spent my whole life lookin' for validation
In today's age, it would've led to my cancellation
Damnation for those, the good book of posers
Life goes to shit, thinkin' I smelled roses
Friends turn to foes and foes end up frozen
Actin' like my day ones, nigga, you're just posin'
Niggas gettin' coked up and act like they slick
Smile in my face, then go and pillow talk to a bitch (what did you say?)
Word got back to me, so it is what it is
I don't fuck with no man who don't take care of his kids
Off-topic, out of pocket, all these niggas is trash
Fightin' for crumbs of fame and some thot with an ass, fuck 'em
Plan, plot, strategize, it's the task, I realize, right before I bomb first
You don't gotta love me, respect me, and fear me
And yes, you gotta fade me if worst come to worst
'Cause love could get you killed, playin' the victim get you bullied
I passed God's test, understood life fully
The wing-ridden angel, the horn-hidden demon
The day I go to war, this is the song I'll be singin'
The song I'll be singin'

I'm growing (motherfucker) tired of the bullshit
I keep spinning
Angels keep singing, gotta get through all this
Angels keep singing, angels keep singing

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Written By: Bridget Perez, Denzel Rae Don Curry, Karriem Riggins, Linda Hargrove, Mark Ellerbee, Ryan Degrandy, Sharina Castillo