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DeJ Loaf - In A Minute Lyrics

Ain't picked up a pen in a while
Yeah (it's been a minute)
I said (woah)

Ain't picked up a pen in a while
How you been Dej? (Wassup)
You straight? (Good) You get it now?, Yeah
Couple things, you know I figured out (word)
I know you see me peeking in and peeking out
I don't show myself off no more (no)
Don't pay attention to the cost no more
Gained a lot, still felt like I lose more
'Cause my friends back home, they can't figure it out
Sometimes I feel guilty
Like it's really my fault
I mean we all grew up the same
We ain't have much
You remember TV dinners
Breakfast, we went to steal it
No cable nigga, fix the antenna

I guess nobody see how I see it
I got heart
It's time to light this shit up
All my life it's been dark
You know they think a nigga laughin'
Lost my spark
Box of skull with my left hand (they watch out)
Watch me have a couple triple of them up on 'em charts

Hate bitches want me gone
They tryna strike me out
But I think not just box me out
Can't count, if you try to count me out
My accountant just hit me, "Said calm it down"
So I hit my jeweler, told him ice me out
Gon' wipe me down (yeah, wipe me down)
Niggas love our style (niggas love our style)

Come and walk with me (come on walk with me)
That's 2 thou'
That mean I spent a thousand dollars two times
Shit 'cause I remember when I ain't have two dimes

And that shit right there make you wanna crucify (no)
But I'm too cut like two knives (yeah)
Thought about it, a few times (no), a few times
I see right through the red and blue lines (yeah)
Police wars(yeah), kid dyin'
I think I started writing, yeah, that big die
Mack out, said east side
Fairview greens and street signs
Jet boys, free the guys
Free all them boys from the riverside
Right wrist, left side
So chilly, feelin' like T-Box
I ain't picked up the phone in a minute
Cursing me out like ain't came to visit
Really ain't no reason, I really don't like prison
But shit I'ma come see you
I promise nigga I miss you
Gettin' back to my rappin'
Remember that basement flow, yeah
I don't really be rapping like that no more

Time to start showing all the shit, that they ain't know
When you tell it like it is (yeah)
It'd be hard to expose (uh)
Who knows, who knows (yeah)
I spit fire and blow
I know your pressed to hear my album
You're hoping I fold
But no no, huh
No no
Uh uh, no way
Uh uh
Talking 'bout East Side, East side

Three times
I said meanwhile
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