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De La Soul - Stakes Is High Lyrics

Vibe, vibrations
Stakes is high, you know them stakes is high
When we talkin' 'bout the vibe, vibrations
Stakes is high, you know them stakes is high
We be talkin' 'bout vibe, vibrations
Stakes is high, you know them stakes is high

The Instamatic focal point bringin' damage to your borough
Be some brothers from the east with some beats that be thorough
Got the solar gravitation so I'm bound to pull it
I gets down like brothers are found duckin' from bullets (word)
Gun control means usin' both hands in my land (yeah)
Where it's all about the cautious livin' (uh huh)
Migrating to a higher form of consequence, compliments
Of strugglin', that shouldn't be notable
Man, every word I say should be a hip hop quotable

I'm sick of bitches shakin' asses
I'm sick of talkin' about blunts
Sick of Versace glasses
Sick of slang
Sick of half-ass awards shows
Sick of name brand clothes
Sick of R&B bitches over bullshit tracks
Cocaine and crack
Which brings sickness to blacks
Sick of swole head rappers
With their sicker-than raps
Clappers and gats
Makin' the whole sick world collapse
The facts are gettin' sick
Even sicker perhaps (sicker perhaps)
I stick a bush to make a bundle to escape this synapse

Man, life can get all up in your ass, baby, you betta work it out (haha)
Let me tell you what it's all about (uh-huh)
A skin not considered equal
A meteor has more right than my people
Who be wastin' time screamin' who they've hated (word)
That's why the Native Tongues have officially been re-instated

(Vibes, vibrations)
Stakes is high (higher than high)
You know them stakes is high (higher than high)
When we talkin' 'bout
(Vibes, vibrations)
Stakes is high, you know them stakes is high (higher than high)
When we dealin' with the
(Vibes, vibrations)
Stakes is high
(Hey yo, what about that love?)

Yo, it's about love of cars, love of funds
Loving to love mad sex, loving to love guns
Love for opposite, love for fame and wealth
Love for the fact of no longer lovin' yourself, kid (uh-huh)
We livin' in them days of the man-made ways
Where every aspect is vivid (word)
These brothers no longer talk shit
(Ayo, these niggas live it)
'Bout to give it to you 24/7 on the microphone
Plug One translatin' the zone (Plug One, Plug One, y'all)
No offense to a player, but yo, I don't play
And if you take offense, fuck it, got to be that way
J.D. Dove, show your love, what you got to say?
(What's up, what's up, what's up?)

I say G's are makin' figures at a high regard
And niggas dyin' for it nowadays ain't odd (it ain't odd)
Investin' in fantasies and not God (what?)
Welcome to reality, see times is hard
People try to snatch the credit, but can't claim the card
Showin' out in videos, sayin' they co-starred (ayo, vibes)
See, shit like that will make your mama cry (vibrations)
Better watch the way you spend it
'Cause the stakes is high

You know them stakes is high
When we you're dealin' with the
(Vibes, vibrations)
Stakes is high (c'mon)
Man, them stakes is high (check it)

I think that smilin' in public is against the law (what?)
'Cause love don't get you through life no more
It's who you know and "How you, son?"
And how you gettin' in, and who the man holdin' heat
Yo, and how was the scams and how high
Yo, what up, huh? I heard you caught a body
Seem like every man and woman shared a life with John Gotti

But they ain't organized

Mixin' crimes with life enzymes
Takin' the big scout route
And niggas know doubt
Better than they know their daughters and they sons (oh boy)

Yo, people go through pain and still don't gain
Positive contact just like my main man
Who got others cleanin' up his physical influence (uh-huh)
His mind got congested
He got the nine and blew it
Neighborhoods are now hoods 'cause nobody's neighbors
Just animals survivin' with that animal behavior (damn)
Under I, who be rhymin' from dark to light sky (sky)
Experiments when needles and skin connect (yeah)
No wonder where we live is called the projects
When them stakes is high you damn sure try to do (vibrations)
Anything to get the piece of the pie (yeah)
Even die for the cash
But at last I be out even though you wantin' more
This issue is closed like an elevator door
But soon re-opened once we get to the next floor where the

(Vibes, vibrations)
Stakes is high
You know them stakes is high
When we dealin' wit' the
(Vibes, vibrations)
Stakes is high
Stakes is high, come on
Vibes, vibrations
Published By: Lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written By: James Brown, Fred Wesley, Charles Bobbitt, Ahmad Jamal, David Jolicoeur, Vincent Mason, Kelvin Mercer, James Yancy