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De La Soul feat. B-Real - Peer Pressure Lyrics

Uh uh uh
Everywhere I go (What happens)
People ask me (What, what)
Yo dealer, you smoke weed (No doubt)
And I just tell em' Yeah!
Two weeks later, they smokin' weed
That's what I'm talkin' about
I ain't here to tell you not to smoke weed
Everybody get high
I'm here to apply the pressure
You, you, you and you
You and you (Especially you)
Come down to the den
I got some shit that'll blow ya mind

Come here my peer, let me apply the pressure, the pressure
Come here my peer, let me apply the pressure, the pressure

Yo, what up my nigga (Yeah, what up with your world)
Ain't shit, just got off the cell with this girl (So far)
Yeah be you know what we about to do (What the hey)
Come on nigga puff it too, yeah right

Honey draws bees like dookie draws flies
Just like the weed draws me to get high
Now I'm not tryin' to bend ya arm
I just want you to take a hit off the bong
That's all (Just one hit man)

Come on cool it, I'm not foolish
Quit pullin' my leg baitin' me like cob
My name ain't Craig and I ain't lost my job
Don't mind be odd from out the bunch
And why'all cornerin', me ain't stoppin' me from doin' it
(If puffin' so bad, why everybody doin' it)
Man everybody doin' it (Yo come take a puff, style is real)

Let it take ya whole style and feed it
(Go ahead with that man)

[Chorus: ]
I got the funk to blow ya mind (Blow ya mind)
I got some shit to blow ya mind (Blow ya mind, blow ya mind)
I got the funk to blow ya mind (Blow ya mind)
I got some shit to blow ya mind (Blow ya mind, blow ya mind)

Come on
Why'all are actin' like this shit, is supposed to raise me to the clouds

Shit the clips we smokin' on would make Bob Marley proud
And he was one of the illest

Shit one of the illest ever
(He smoked mad trees and still remained clever
I guess ya right

Ain't no need to guess, put it to the test
Ask ya questions alphabetically

Ok, hypothetically if I do take a hit
Do I necessarily have to be tastin' your spit
I mean shit I ain't shared a straw since the fourth grade

But don't chu' know chick like to smoke and get laid
Don't be a dunce it ain't gonna hurt you once

Quit bein' a punk
Go ahead and hit the fuckin' blunt

But will it take a long time to recover
(Depends on the brother or sis who's puffin')
Hey stop that bluffin' like you givin' a survey
And let us serve the hay
And get yo mind alligned to the ways

Of the master

Man I seen a cast a spell
To many brain cells and sane cells
A lead to fulfill wants and needs
I heard it's like a gateway, to doin' more than weed

Man I love my relationship, I'm no quitter
Mary Jane's my first love and I'ma stick with her

And when I feel paranoid

All ya questions is void unless ya try
Come on man for once get high

[Chorus: ]

Hey you don't gotta do anything ya don't want to
It's not gonna change you or ruin your persona

Yeah but what if I can't stop
Shit I ain't with bein' no addict (Cut that shit out)

Man, please tell him to stop bein' so dramatic
Just take a hit and let the weed do the trick

But will this make me sick

Come on, quit actin' like a bitch
I can blaze the weed and you can make excuses
Now ya gonna smell the smoke, my greenest weed produces
You'd probably like the smell too, ya probably wouldn't admit it
You'd probably want to hit too (Come on man quit it)
Ya clearly in denial (Yo this shit ain't my style)
How do you know come on, let us give you a trial
Let's put chu' at ease with these trees
Power to heal, put cha' mind at peace
Yeah, increase the level of the highness
My miss express accumulatin' through ya blindness
(Come on man hit this shit)

[Chorus: ]

Let me say something
Just started smokin' (Please don't smoke too much)
But uh to all my smokers (Smoke it up)
Yeah, let's get em'
Apply pressure, apply the pressure
Apply pressure, let's get em' why'all
Apply pressure
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