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DaBaby - Wockesha (Freestyle) Lyrics

Y'all niggas thought I wasn't gon' fuck with that? Yeah
Niggas thought I wasn't gon' fuck with this
Let's go
Shout out to that nigga Bagg too, man
I ain't never really fuck with this drank
I always been a get money nigga, man
Fuck around and be sleep, I miss a play
Fuck that
Fuck around and get caught lackin'
Fuck around and catch a bullshit charge or somethin''
Just slippin'

I'm sittin' here lookin' at my bitch
Like, "Shut up, I don't believe you"
Know she probably think I'm crazy
But I done survived shit niggas couldn't think through
Niggas see through
I put your bitch ass in the ground that's underneath you
Hit my bitch from the back for half an hour
She told me nut for her (yeah, yeah)
I'm way too hungry, these niggas comfortable (comfortable)
I'm way too turnt and these niggas burnt
And I ain't even turned it up (yeah, yeah)
Shit, I was just warmin' up, gettin' 'em hot
Still my second year and I done figured it out (yeah)
The blogs got my dick in their mouth (yeah)
The broads got my dick in their mouth (yeah)
You know ain't no pressure on nothin'
You do what you want when you poppin' (yeah, that's what we do)
Just got off the phone with my cousin
Still tellin' them bitches free Dodge (let's go)
I came in this bitch bombin'
Back on the wall like I ain't have no options (let's go)
And I don't plan on stoppin' until the fat lady singin', no opera
We send a bitch ass nigga to the doctor
I put a ho ass nigga in the dirt
Don't play with me, play with your mama
I put a ho ass nigga on a shirt
Nigga, my guns and my fists work
Which one of y'all niggas wanna go to war with Kirk?
Nigga I was sellin' shit, takin' shit
Finessin' shit since sixteen 'cause I ain't wanna go to work, nigga
It ain't no cap in me
Niggas can't beat me at nothin' but talkin'
Nigga I'm a dog I need me a leash on me
Give me a beat, I'ma walk it
Niggas better watch the way they creep on me
I catch one of you it's gon' cost you
When you see me now you gon' see my freak with me
If she keep treatin' me like I'm awesome (yeah)
If she keep treatin' me like a boss
If she keep treatin' me like the biggest
These niggas fake as a bitch and they flaw
That's why you don't see me with none of these niggas
That's why you don't see me in none of their pictures (uh-uh)
Ain't an amount of money in the world
That can make me come up off the way I'm livin', nigga

And I'ma stand on that, nigga
Like a motherfuckin' man
Wockesha, nigga, go
Don't play with me
Published By: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written By: Johnathan Lyndale Kirk