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Cypress Hill - Can't Get the Best of Me Lyrics

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Hell nah
You can't handle a man of my superior strength
I've been rockin' for years, now it's time to go to length
Bitin' emcees in their tracks I stop 'em
My rhyme style makin' turn dropper?
My concepts come sick like Dennis Hopper
I jack fools up and stick em like dirty coppers
Like I said before I'm takin' you lame whores
Down to the phone, knock his ass on your good balls
Only one way to deal with these softies
Take they ass out like heroes and they flossin'
And when you tell me you better bring styles
'Cause mine can go on and on and on for miles

[Chorus: x3]
You can't get the best of me
Can't get the best of me
You can't get the best of me [Repeats]
(Can't hold me down)
Can't get the best of me
(Can't hold me down)

Five roll with the weakest
What you need is ? the chrome plated heater
So you can peep this
Tragedy had to be in your mind soakin' in
Sad to see you broken down
Not at least broken in
Can't stop some hill shit
From comin' though
The reality is out with the old
And with the new
Ways and things change
With strange haids of braids shade?
Switch place life and life plays with thumb pain?
Does and untrues, the mobb leaves no clues
In the dark confused, we choose to eat you
Out the whole stroke away so I can listen-a
We don't stop if you can't fuck commissioner

[Chorus: Repeats]

Nigga get up on a rhymin' ?
Takin' out crews who think they are baddest
Mad dog Sen for real is the maddest
Fuck you punk and you're A&R status
I stand in a zone though I'm never alone be
Real got my back checkin' at your dome
So when it comes down to who's (Spanish)
I'm down for the pound and slangin' the (Spanish)
(Whole line in Spanish)
Gonna make a move and smoke your fuckin' hot-show
Remove that sucker and the wack-ass shit
'Cause every time I see he's actin' like a bitch
So let's get it straight I smoke the competition
Breakin' down fools in my muthafuckin' mission
One by one they'll all come out missin'
You can't fuck with this here kid I ain't bitchin'

[Chorus: x12]
(Can't hold me down)
You can't get the best of me
(Can't hold me down)
Can't get the best of me
(Can't hold me down)

You can't get the best of me
You can't get the best of me
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