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Crowded House - I Am in Love Lyrics

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Called out to prove my love
You reply by getting defensive
Called out o prove my love
Now you should be able to sense it

I'm full of your dreams
I let you sleep with the lights on
Stay with me might as well
Be the kind of girl you want to beI am in love

I am in love
I am a fool
Fell from above
These things that I have done

They would be a test of anyone
How am I meant to see
You dressed up like your mother
They say you marry your father

I hope that don't reflect on me
They say you marry your mother
I hope that don't put you in her company
I am in love

I am in love
And I am a fool
There is no other
I am in love

I am in love
What I say is don't lie
But it's enough to make you wonder
I can't be one that you want to trust

And not the one that you want to trample
In the dust
I am in love
I am in love

And I am a fool
There is no other
I am in love
I am in love

Into the fire
Tears start coming
Good stars surround us
It's enough to want to make you wonder

Album: Together Alone (Deluxe)

Crowded House - Together Alone (Deluxe) Album
Album cover for Together Alone (Deluxe) by Crowded House released in
I Am in Love Lyrics
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