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Common feat. Bilal - Star *69 (PS With Love) Lyrics

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Let's do it now, it's me and you
Close my eyes Erotica, I'm seein' you
Listen to me wishin' I could be with you
To share my love and ecstasy with you
Are you alone? Is your shorty sleep?
Hold on. That's okay, ignore the beep
For you, my love is immortal deep
You are my queen but I can't ignore the freak
Let's let our bodies talk and our auras speak
Hold on, gotta get the toiletries
As our waters reach distances unheard of
I'm in the room nestled sweet and I observe love
Only for you, I ask God to show me the truth
What he showed me was you
Wherever I go, my soul leads to you
Days gone, nights lonely for you

Erotica, wet dreams are on my mind
Erotica, can I come in your mind?
Erotica, oh yes, our love must shine
Erotica, wish on star 69
Erotica, wish on star 69
Erotica-ca-ca, wish on star 69

Wish on star 69, erotica

So much I wish you were here with me now
My bad, I just hit redial
I want you to come and never leave now
Is your mind and your right hand free now?
Our love-reach deep down inside of it
As the candle burns
Where desire's lit
Makin' love knows no distance or environment
When we (ahh), feel the most high in it
I feel you touchin' me and I begin to rise from it
Your love is stuck in me
Our minds are so alive and thick
Picture my hands on your waist
As I stare in your face
Your mouth half open
Your love I can taste
Embracin' you
Life, I let go
Gotta switch phones 'cause this one is ghetto
Another level of love we create when we take it to
And when it's made, Erotica, it's made for you


Slave to your loneliness
"Slave to your loneliness"
Inside of loneliness
"Inside this (alt we bear)"
With love of loneliness
"With thoughts of loneliness"
Enslaved by loneliness

I want you to come
Inside your mind
And find a place
Nasty and kind
This is where
Our desires grind
And where they peak
Is most divine
A place and time
I hope we reach together
You are my queen
And freak forever
I feel you in-side my stomach
My body shakes

[Chorus: Repeats]
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