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Cold War Kids - Dreams Old Men Dream Lyrics

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Thought I was laying in the gutter in
Milk cartons and bones
But I was standing on a mountain top
Looking over your homes
Thought I was laying in my garden with
My hands deep in soil
But I was there on an island
Shooting flares at you both
Thought I was soothing like a violin
Confessing new rain
But I was piping like a trumpet
Frantic but faint
Thought I was built like a building's built
On concrete and stone
I realized I'm just a hack actor
Finished playing my role

You're reading my thoughts
Dreams old men dreams
It's just like when we were kids
We'd lay around wondering
We try to listen to what they said

Thought I was writing for a hundred hours
Looking straight into me
But I was reading on the newspaper obituary
Thought I was nervous like mail man
Reading your letters dear
But I was at our anniversary
Toasting thirty years

You're reading my thoughts
Dreams old men dream
It's just like when we were kids
We'd lay around wondering
We try to listen to what they say x2

Push my piano outside
I don't care x2
Meet the media black sky
I don't care x2
The neighbors will complain
Let them stare x2
Who knows where the time goes
I don't care x2

What would you think of me if I told you
I haven't slept in weeks
I've been up chasing my childhood with a pen
These are dreams old men dream
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