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Chris Stapleton - Cheese Please Lyrics

Mesdames et messieurs, dévisagez vous-mêmes, The Blue Sea Band!

Now I'm gonna tell you a little story
About the stuff dreams are made of, heh heh heh!

I'll tell you when it started
I remember it was way back when
I sat there crying, my sister was sighing, my blanket was my only friend
Felt like it was hopeless
The baby food was grey and bland
I needed something yummy for my baby tummy, I needed to make a stand

Then suddenly I'm chewing on a slice of sheer delight
It was a snack worth snacking
My lips were smacking, my friends, I've seen the light!

(Cheese, please) that's all I gotta say
(Cheese, please) I eat it every day

Some people like it on a string
Some folks prefer it grilled
Pass me some Gouda, I'm always in the mood-a
I can never get my fill

Talkin' 'bout (cheese, please) that's what I love to eat
(Cheese, please) the taste that can't be beat

When I wake I scramble some into my morning meal
Later macaroni, some cheddar and baloney
Just depends on how I feel!

Cheese, please
That's what I feel like, just some cheese!
Any kind of cheese!
Very easy!
Any kind of cheese
Just feed me some cheese

Swiss and Brie are cool with me, I love that Camembert
It feels so fine, ain't life divine
When you've got cheese to share!

Cheese, please, it satisfies my soul!
Talkin' 'bout cheese, please, I lose my self-control
Cheese, please, as much as I'm allowed
Cheese, please, the food that comes from cows

I love all kinds of cheese
I gotta have me some cheese
I love that cheese

Now listen, man, don't be puttin' cheese down
You ain't in Monterey, Jack
Yeah, yeah!
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