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Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne, BLEU - Possessive Lyrics

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When you love someone, yeah
You can feel it in your bones
Tryna do what he ever did, set the tone
I remember we was at war when I slept alone
I wrote this shit for the most beautiful love that I ever know
I was tryna bag you
Sendin' you signals like cellular phones
He tryna drag you
Fucked up the feelings, left you alone
But now you braggin'
You found a nigga you can count on
Yeah, uh
I wonder do your mama remember me
She was talkin' down on me, switchin' your energies
I got you fallin' like winter leave, perfect synergies

And I might get a little aggressive (aggressive)
Yeah, I might get a little possessive
But you know I got good intentions, ooh
And even though you
Play it very cool
I know that you, yeah (yeah, oh)

Okay, It's not a confession, I'm kinda possessive
Your body impressive, you're timeless and precious
I treat it like a diamond in bezel
I'm tryna protect ya, ain't tryna let you out my protection
I'm tryna caress you, you got these niggas tryna correct you
I'm tryna just to let you be you, baby, I promise, no pressure
I honor your presence, see you, act like I found me a treasure
And timing's a blessin', I want you to know mine is invested
In our connection, you interestin', I'm interested
I'm not with the flexin', especially when you out with your besties
I gotta respect it, I sit my ass down, let you check me
It's honestly sexy, you met me, I was not what expected
You mine until the end of time and possession

And I might get a little aggressive
Or I might get a little possessive
But you know I got good intention
Good intention
And even though you
You play it very cool
I know that you
I know you want it

I wouldn't do the same with them I do to you
How come everythin' I tell you end up in the news?
They won't love you when you're down, then no answer
We gon' keep that between me, God and you
Your temper
There's somethin' missin', baby, couple screws (couple screws)
The money ain't change a nigga, it's changin' you (changin' you)
Parties be jumpin', but at the same time
I don't want it if it ain't you
Oh, now
I repeat the same old patterns and I (ooh)
That one moment that we shared, I want it in rewind
(Girl, I might get a little aggressive, yeah)
And I might get a little too jealous
But you like when I drink from your water
Makin' me lose my mental when I see you (psycho)
I never learn from it
I gots a little burn from it (yeah)
I guess this my turn, honey (oh)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

And I might get a little aggressive
Yeah, I might get a little possessive (baby, baby)
But you know I got good intentions (I got, you and I)
And even though you
Play it very cool
I know that you (ohh, oh)
Got intentions
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Published By: Lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written By: Christopher Maurice Brown, Dwayne Carter, Jeremy Biddle