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Céline Dion - If We Could Start Over Lyrics

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I never found out why you walked away
And never said good-bye
But now that I see you
I'm torn inside, but I've still got my pride

I understand that some things are better left unsaid
I'm afraid of the truth
But what can I do if I still want you

If we could start over again
I know if we try our love could be stronger
If we could start over again
I'm sure, we oh
We'd never have to let go

For so many years now
I've held inside things I meant to say
But faced with the past now I realize
I can't let that stand in our way

I never knew that a love so strong would never fade
But what can we do
If I still want you
And you want me too

How can we walk away
From something that was once so strong
Have we the strength to say we're wrong
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