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CeeLo Green - When We Were Friends Lyrics

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Hey, hey, hey... hey...
Hey, hey, hey... heeey...

Ooh ask me my nigga
The only one there that'll be my nigga
And I'm gon' finally be free my nigga
But you don't have to follow me my nigga
Oh yeah it's still love my nigga
And I ain't gon' stop just because my nigga
?Daddy Paxson? always does my nigga
And always remember what it was my nigga

La da da da... la dadadadada... [x4]

[Verse 1:]
When we were friends, the days would begin and end
Went from boys to men, we boys 'til then
We know each other real, we know each other rules
And we wore each other's clothes and each other's shoes
But in an instance, the days become distance
Your path doesn't go in the same direction his went
And can't help but be scared
Of the virtually unknown up ahead (I heard what you said)
But I'll be fine
Whether it is favor or failure, it must be mine
Well he can stand still, if that's how that man feel
Cuz what can't can't and whatever can will
So I'm walking toward my future with my back to it
Hoping you look up and see me as a reason to do it
When you get grown it's a given
You damn near gotta do the same thing for a living


[Verse 2:]
And my cousin I love him like a son cause I was him
And he think his thuggin' pleases me but it doesn't
How could I applause it when I had caused it
But if it's God's plan for him, I guess I ain't cost shit
for what I gave him - wasn't so bad I couldn't save him
Either they'll enslave him or a gun'll grave him
I still believe in him but he think I'm leavin him
When I be busy he think I'm bob-n-weavin him
I probably sound like his daddy
But over the phone, cause I ain't around - like his daddy
When we talk I wanna hear you be productive
Conversate for hours 'bout something constructive
But it never come up
With all them niggaz round your neck you ain't gon' never come up
Maybe I'm jealous cause you love them more
Can't understand what you love them for
Don't get me wrong you know I love them too
But you know who I always hold above them, you
And it ain't nobody business
I'll just make believe that music can miraculously mend this
So I'll be a sound
And then you do your thing to it and we mix it down
And make a song my nigga, cause even when I'm away I'll always be around

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Written By: Charles Pettaway, Thomas Callaway, Matthew Kahane