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Busta Rhymes feat. Mary J. Blige - You Will Never Find Another Me Lyrics

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Ooh, yeah
Oh, yeah

Feels like you tattered my name in pencil
Was high, not good enough for the heat
You think that I'm easily replaceable
Trust me, you'll never find another me, babe
Oh, oh, woah
Oh, oh, yeah, oh (you'll never)
Yeah, yeah, yeah (find a')
Oh, woah, yeah (another)
Oh, woah, oh, woah (me)
You will never find another me, babe

Top notch of the block, it don't stop
Chimney hot 'til they miss me a lot like Biggie and Pac
'Til they come get rid of me, not
Expose your disability op, post 'em like publicity shots
How remarkably we got this shit sewn
Tryna take me out my zones like tryna squeeze blood out of stone
Build a wall with every stone that was thrown
The feeling got me taking them home
You ever seen a crown that was chrome
Listen while I exemplify the spirit they wanna be again
There will never be enough of me again

Never, no (never)
Never find another me (find)
No, no (another)
Oh, oh (me)
You will never find another me, babe

Once I was built, God broke the mold
No matter how many clones you make
They can't touch my throne, oh no
People ask why I don't put up a fight
I am not angry and bitter
I don't have to fight for what's mine
The truth is not acquired thing, ah
His love and his ring, oh

Never (never)
Find (find)
I said a, hey, hey (another)
Ah, yeah (me)
Oh, oh
You'll never find another me

Come get to walking with us on everything I love
I wear that pain on my sleeves in everything I does
Sometimes I pause when I breathe, reflect on what I was
How far I've come and I rep it and do it just because
We digging deep so come with me and let me take you to it
If we don't do it, who else gon' do it the way we do it
The old wise man on the corner sipping whiskey
He always said when I'm gone, watch how I make 'em miss me
I took those words and I live them, no matter how I suffer
And while I'm here to love you, there'll never be another

Never, never (never)
I said you'll never find another, baby (find)
Hey, hey (another)
Ah, yeah (me)
Ah, yeah
Oh, oh
You'll never find another me, no, no, no

Let me give you some more science
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Published By: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written By: Mary J. Blige, Rick R. Darnell, Roy Hawkins, Trevor Smith