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Busta Rhymes feat. Big Daddy Kane, Conway the Machine - Slap Lyrics

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I go on and on and on and
Don't approach me, I back the ratchet, that's a warnin'
Y'all gon' appreciate this slap today
Taheem Allah, King Asiatic, galore
Aka Buss' Rhymes, Big Daddy Kane in the motherfucker
Yo, we in the motherfucker this evenin'
Rest in peace Biz Mark'
Rest in peace to all of our fallen soldiers
Rest in peace to PnB Rock, look
Look, somebody polish crown
And put it back on my motherfuckin'
Yo, yo

We on course now, back with the force, respect the boss
Shots went off, shit leak out your head, like pasta sauce
Who's to blame? (Uh) Burden this bitch and bang a flame
Ayo, we back (conglomerate, bitch), you know the name (ayo)
You're ridin' on empty, you should refuel the amigo
Most you niggas is finished, now pop ya self Plaxico
Passed it though, cook you and serve you, like a casserole
And lay you out on the street and display you like a fashion show
Sorry, but I have to go, my spitter's full of rockets
And I'm done with laying niggas in quadrilateral boxes
Compatible with toxins, the TEC's jam electrical
Will reflect the image of niggas gettin' chopped with a thousand options
The shit that I can concoct is, mixed like type-two diabetes
Mixed with high cholesterol, artery blockage
You better call the cops, kid
Or quickly turn into one of them niggas abroad
As a headless or solvable hostage
Next throw the coke around, like them niggas in moshpits
A lot of niggas think they got it, but nigga just pop shit
We 'bout to give niggas bangers, controllin' the block its
The fact that I'm holdin' a rock while I'm throwin' a knot, bitch

Yeah, I see these niggas still lyin' on they raps
And buyin' they own plaques (huh?)
I'm so relaxed, I don't reply if you don't at
Killer been chillin', but somebody die and the bro snap
He dyin' to go, "Grrah"
That's when y'all niggas gon' be dyin' to go rat
In and out of jail, so we don't mind if we go back (huh)
Got the rap bended down to the science, don't know cap (woo)
Hall of fame and we're just analyzin' my old stats (ah)
Glidin' on those tracks (ah), my catalog in it's entirety all slap
And my impact is like that of a ball bat
Swing from Aaron Judge, bring Canary studs (talk to 'em)
Yeah, Mercedes concept, where you get that from?
You talkin' online and I ain't worried 'bout that bum (come on, man)
I was bullshittin', then I three-peat back to back, uh
Machine brought that feel back, how they ain't gon' jack, son? (Woo)
I'm 'bout to go on my Kobe and Shaq run (ah)
Punch a nigga in the chest and get a collapse month
Doat street , May block, you know where I'm at, uh (alright)
(Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
(Let me talk to 'em, ook) one

Made a solemn oath to never stop gettin'
Decades later, steady 'bout business
It's been a while since I ain't have a pot to piss in
Tried to give 'em game, but they steady not listenin'
Some of y'all got that Fetty Wap vision
My third eye improve my every cognition
Move like the feds and hit every spot different
Ha, when me and Buss' hit the block, listen
Let me try to spit it to you logically
You got Kevin's heart but no state property
I claim whatever in this here monopoly
Park Place, Boardwalk, them Greens, I got the three
Stop playin', y'all, I got a thirst in me
But I left a spot at the table, it's common courtesy
The urgency for currency certainly workin' me, purposely
Even inadvertently, turnin' me into Hercules
No laggin' and that's the depth of it
If y'all don't know the roots to this
Then let Questlove it
Instead of y'all livin' on a set budget
Make sure that bag secure, next subject
I ain't at the ATM to check luggage
My bags carry on, it'll come to you later
'Cause I'm a real earner, boy
And you don't wanna turn the boy into a Nat Turner boy
You 'bout to be a learner, boy
Enjoy yourself until I pop smoke and burn a boy
In the story, no one goes after me
I anchor tracks so you hear last from me
Don't ask me to pass the mic, that's blasphemy
Fuck I look like to y'all? Dj Cassidy

A Big Daddy
My man, my mellow
Let's count this bread because you been the type of fellows
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Published By: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written By: Antonio Hardy, Demond Price, Trevor Smith, Jr.