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Brent Faiyaz - SKIT: EGOMANIAC Lyrics

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"You aight?"

"You seemed happy that I was the one to have your first child
But you don't treat me like it, like, what the fuck?
You know I'm not from LA, I don't have any family out here
So I have no support system during my pregnancy
And you said, "Don't worry about it"
That you were the only love and support I needed
What the fuck happened to that?
I feel very fuckin' alone
And if you meant what you said, that should really concern you
You respond very fast to every bitch
Except the person that's carrying your child, wow"

"Texting every bitch? That's crazy
This my manager texting me, it's cool though
I'ma kill this drink and just wait downstairs for my ride to the airport
'Cause I don't wanna make you more upset
Bye, baby, bye lil' baby, daddy will be back soon
Alright, love you
Damn alright then, I'ma see you tomorrow night"

"Goodbye, Chris"
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Written By: Christopher Brent Wood