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Brent Faiyaz - ROLLING STONE Lyrics

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(Ayy, somebody got a J I could light in this bitch?)

I'm a rolling stone (stone)
I'm too wild for you to own
In a whip that's meant to speed (phew-phew-phew)
If I hurt you, would you leave?
I learned the game from some heavyweights
Catching buses, making change from another play (change)
I still got demons from my younger days
I wish I could shake 'em but they follow me
I wish I could take it easy but these fans watch
Ask my mama, I been hustling since the sandbox
I'm a rolling stone

I'm sorry in advance if I let you down
I'm sorry in advance if I let you down

Bitch, you just spilled Louis XIII on my McQueens
(Damn, back the fuck up)
I got all this pimp shit up in my genes

Blame that on my mother
I can't go nowhere that's less than me
Ask my lovers, I'm troubled
First I'm exciting, then I'm gaslighting, make up your mind
I'm rich as fuck and I ain't nothing at the same time
People hate me and they love me at the same time (damn, damn, damn)
I guess I'm everything and nothing at the same time

I'm sorry in advance if I let you down
(I'm a rolling stone)
I'm sorry in advance if I let you down
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Written By: Christopher Ruelas, Christopher Wood, Coop Truth, Jacob Dutton, Nash Terius