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Boston - Sail Away Lyrics

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They're flying, they're styling, the President is smiling,
We're loosin', it's confusin', we're beggin', they're refusin'
Can't replace it, erase it, come back to hell and face it
Without lying, we're dying, the choppers keep on flying
Like they're playin', who're they saving?
The President is waving

Ooh, sometimes I see the faces, so real to me
Can you see anything you recall?
Big shot in helicopters on my TV
Can you feel anything after all?

And everyone is telling me
This is just the way it's meant to be
You're living in a world of fantasy
And there we waited
Each wasted day, hope devastated

Sail away, sail away
For the human race we're gonna leave disgrace behind
Sail away, sail away
From the jaws of hate we'll take control of fate this time

Sometimes I had the feelings I'm going through
You can lie, but you know no one cares
Outside the waves are crashing the piper's due
Here inside you can't go anywhere

And everyone keeps telling me
God will save us all eventually
This is just the way it's meant to be
Just scared of thinking the angry seas
Our ship is sinking
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Written By: TOM SCHOLZ