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Bone Thugs-n-Harmony feat. David's Daughters - The Righteous Ones Lyrics

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[Chorus: David's Daughter]
I am waiting for the righteous one
Enlighten us the righteous one
I am waiting for the righteous one
Enlighten us the righteous one
Are you waiting for the righteous one?
With the faith of titans with your beauty enlighten us

[Layzie Bone]
Mama said it's a cruel world
And I still can't believe some of them things that I've seen with my own eyes
Weak niggas fronting like the strong guys fucking with them Bone guys
Nigga you die,you die'm that sneaky little nigga still off the hook
Off the chain and a motherfucking wire
You can label me a hitman that's out here for hire
Throwing up blood til the world expires
Nigga's lost and it turned out
Ain't got no direction and don't know which way to go
Nigga save your soul cause we all gotta struggle or strive
And that's called survival
It's vital nigga better know what to die for
Living in the battlefield it's all about respect and honor
Niggas be strapped with the gats and armor
Ready for whatever nigga fuck the drama bitch what?
We can make a mil take a mil tell me how that paper feel
Is he real is he real?
Would it make a nigga kill for the house on the hill?
Drive a brand new Benz and no bills?
Fucking right it will that's why I stay heated
Cause I got to let'em know a nigga's needed
Nigga fucking with me while I'm weeded
Coming with the beef then nigga you eat it,eat it,eat it!


[Bizzy Bone]
And you're feeling so thuggish outta Columbus
Seen my mama?
Hey, remember me baby?
I bought a Mercedes, a crib for my babies
And lately got him running from Lady Death, still I'm shady
Okay they say he schizophrenic and crazy
Back in the 80's tryna get up out the foster homes in dreams a teen
And now my mama lets me down
She wouldn't pick up the phone
I'll make it all on my own
But that's a whole other song and y'all don't leave it alone!
I save then baby, c'mon!
Murderous, somebody noticed when I strike through the killing fields, dead!
T-Rock done got shot got a glock for the nigga are-tillery shop
Drop when the nigga pop and the party don't stop till they call the cops!
Somebody get with the bacardi, got to get to the block
You know it's me and my niggas, all the guerillas, killas
Still I'm puttin Biblical bop
Stay in rhythm with my eye on the clock and tick-tock!

I am waiting for the righteous one
Enlighten us the righteous one
I am waiting for the righteous one

[Flesh -N- Bone]
We got Mack-11's AK-47's
Yelling mo murder with the beam got lots of felons
Bloody bodies smelling
Caught up in a 180 ah got grenades and cannons involved
When I'm barking just fuck with the 5th Dawg
Nigga we got a missile to haul off the shotty guns
And a barreled sawed-off
And all the body bags come with the white chalk
Nigga while you on a mission my nigga better protect the chest
A super nigga bullet-proof vest nigga take it from me Flesh
You don't want to be sorry yet again
We don't need another nigga-less army
So investing me with artillery quality satisfactory guaranteed
I ain't no con I'm a nigga that's waiting for some shit like Nam
To pop off in my country!

[Bizzy Bone]
When Kennedy was shot on the drive, the roof went on fire
Hide all, you little children in a dire
When I spark in the dark with a lighter
Light up and don't die in silence
Somebody was sitting on the backs of the lions
Somebody was drinking from the back of the lamb
Somebody was spittin' ammunition in the radio-even in Zion (Zion)
Millennium and also through the city when they hated
Don't be bucking on my Bone
When someone's home and never play to me
And pray to me, can't play with me
So label me a runaway slave
And "Cést la vie"!
Murda Mo criminal's insane
Isn't worried about the aliens
Move faster and then ask 'em about the state of men and help the matter
Brace yourself, I can't tell if I'm in peril
I ain't well, fucking up some, soaking up some
How will he run from jail?
When the jail's within himself
The righteous one!

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