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Big Sean - Intro Lyrics

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Finally famous in this
Getting, everything
I say
I'm still dreaming bigger than I'm living
And just sleeping long enough to dream
Spent long enough in the sheets
It's time to turn it to the real thing
And turn these ideas to milli's
Business in the buildings
No girlfriend, you're looking for some feelings
Find a dentist
Me and my crew toured around the world
Shook a million hands
I never made the crowd fans
I made 'em all fam'
And came back to the city
That made us all men
Except we kings now
Reflecting, trying to take it all in
I put the city on my back
So that way if I fall
I'm crowd surfing the map
I turn mistakes into lessons
Dead ends to exits
On the journey of my life
So I'm inviting y'all to get in
Let's go
Go go go go go go
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