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Al Green - I'm Hooked on You Lyrics

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Since I met you, baby
My life, my life has changed
My heart has filled with love
Cause you made me a brand new man

But I'm missing you so, I can't let you
Its all in my heart, it can't fall apart
Loving you, you know it's true
That I love, I'm loving you, hey

Your love, our love will never die
If it does, I'll whoa, cry
Cause you showed me so much love to give
Talk about will to live, is this love for real?

So real that its my heart, I'm hooked on you, baby
It can't fall apart, I'm hooked on you, baby
I've been loving you, you know it's true
And I'm hooked on you, baby

You don't know, I'm hooked on you, baby?
Don't stay too long, I'm hooked on you baby
I've been loving you, and you know it too
That I'm hooked on you

It's all in my heart, I'm hooked on you baby
Don't fall apart, I'm hooked on you baby
To been loving you, I've been proud that its true
That I'm hooked on you, yeah babe, hey
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