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Al Green - I'd Fly Away Lyrics

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If I had wings, I'd fly
I'd fly away
If I had a light to give
Each and everyday, no

And if the Angel of Love
Upon my shoulder
My [Incomprehensible]
To try and fly away, hey, hey

All this walking and talking
Mix my loud and easy, hey
All this rustlin' and tuslin' on the job
Life sure ain't green there, no

But if I had wings, oh this evening
Just enough for
And I had no words, no words to say
I'd fly away, hey, hey
I'd fly away, hey hey
Let me fly away, hey, hey

Yes, I'm flying
I'm flying right now, yeah
Ooh, I'd fly away

All of this talk about flying away
Looking here to the far blue yonder
Listen to me
I tell you that is sets my heart aglow, yeah
Kinda makes me wonder

The city of Angels with the light
That shines forever, I said forevermore
Makes me fly away, hey, hey
Oh, she will let me fly away, hey, hey
Make me fly away, hey, hey

Play this song, yeah
And how are you this evening?
[Incomprehensible] pair of wings
I'd fly, fly, fly, fly

I'd fly away, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey

Album: Full of Fire

Al Green - Full of Fire Album
Album cover for Full of Fire by Al Green released in
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Written By: AL L. GREEN