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Al Green - Gotta Find a New World Lyrics

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As I look at this world
You know I'm beginning to see
That this is not the world
That god intended to be

I got to find a new world
Where the people understand
How to treat one another
Through out the land

Everybody pack up and go with me

I got to find a new world
Were the people get along
Where everybody loves each other.....

I wanna hear people say... can I help ya
I got to hear people say... come on in
I wanna hear people say... is there anything I can do for you
I got to hear people say... let me help you

I wanna be able to walk when I wanna
I got to be able to talk when I wanna
I wanna be able to love when I need it ya...

Album: Al Green Is Blues

Al Green - Al Green Is Blues Album
Album cover for Al Green Is Blues by Al Green released in
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