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Against Me! - So Much More Lyrics

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No you're never gonna be anything more than just another punk band,
it's never gonna be anything more, than rock and roll.
Let's play our song it's been so many times before,
but you keep on listening, because you wanna believe that it's possible.
Abandon artistic integrity.
Drop all pretensions and just lock into the beat,
we can have some more in a solid, melody.

Means so much more, than the city and state.
Means so much more, than fame and adulation.
Gonna prove that we're more than our fathers, sons, and daughters.
That we're meant for so much more than the future could ever offer.
So here we come gunning for revenge.
It's a little too late for an apology.
Means so much more than they could ever give to us. (x2)

I'm, not, asking for your acceptance.
I'm, not, waiting for you to understand.

Means so much more than a lover.
Means so much more than the actor.
So much more, than your complete devotion.
So, much, more, than you could ever give to me.

And maybe we'll never see our efforts indicated.
Maybe we'll never amount to anything.
We're not looking back,
we're not making compromises,
we are willing to dare,
we are willing to believe.
If I only had more time,
if I only had more words to explain.

So much more, than the world could ever give to me. (x6)
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