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Against Me! - Don't Lose Touch Lyrics

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You're coming off kind of contrived and pretentious
You're not saying anything we haven't heard before
You're caught up in an argument
Oh, you're so lost in modern art

You were losing all and you will find again
Don't lose touch
Don't lose touch
S.O.S. text you from a cell phone

Please tell me I'm not the only one
That thinks we're taking ourselves too seriously
Just a little too enamor with the inflated supra bastion
Oh, talk is cheap and it doesn't mean much

Don't lose touch
Don't lose touch
I'm losing to-o-ouch! (oh-oh-oh!)
Oh, I'm losing touch

Well, I'm losing touch
Well I'm losing to-o-ouch! (oh-oh-oh!)
Oh, I'm losing touch
Well I'm losing touch

Constant entertainment for our restless minds
Constant stimulation for ever appetite
Is there something wrong with these songs?
Maybe there's something wrong with the audience

Manipulation in rock music
Fucking nausea
I'm losing to-o-ouch! (oh-oh-oh!)
Well I'm losing touch

I'm losing touch
Well I'm to-o-ouch! (oh-oh-oh!)
And it's obvious
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Written By: Andrew W Seward, James R Bowman, Thomas J Gabel, William W Oakes