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Aerosmith - Crash Lyrics

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(Dum, dum..can't find anything
Better to drive me crazy)
Sitting on a castle
On the floor with Esmeralda
Waiting for the Geezer
Captain Crunch to come around
Feeling suicidal 'cause of certain situations
Hanging from the stairs too long
I think I'm coming down
It's time to Crash
(Losin' my mind...yeah, it's time to)
Doin' tons of colon blow
Stuffing it in every hole
Mile high, so am I
Watching Jimmy kiss the sky
Salle diner becomes a blur
With everybody jammin'
Republicans begin to sin
The batwings start a slamming
It's time to crash
(Losin' my mind...yeah, it's time to)
(Yeah, maybe it's a little late but it's time to)
You drive me crazy
You drive me crazy
You drive me crazy
Captain Billy Beemish
Put a lamb up on a rack
Thanks for coming Billy
And we hope you're comin' back
The castle will be waiting
For the next bangers and mash
Blanche and Marsha Reznick
Put their marmack with their hash
It's time to crash
Losin' my mind, losin' my mind...
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Written By: Mark Jeffrey Hudson, Dominic James Miller, Joe Perry, Steven Tyler