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AC/DC - Bad Boy Boogie Lyrics

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On the day I was born the rain fell down
There was trouble brewing in my home town
It was the seventh day, I was the seventh son
And it scared the hell out of everyone

They said stop, I said go
They said fast, I said slow
They said yes, I said no
I do the bad boy boogie

Being a bad boy ain't that bad
I've had me more dirty women than most men ever had
All you women come along with me
And I'll show you how good a bad boy can be

I said right and they said left
I said east and they said west
I said up and they said down
I do the bad boy boogie all over town

I want to tell you no story, tell you no lie
I was born to love till the day I die
I just line them up and I knock them down
And they all came running when the word got round
(Just keep a running)

I said up, they said down
They said straight, I said round
They said lost, I said found
I said free and they said bound
Bad boy boogie
Bad boy boogie
Bad boy boogie
Bad boy boogie

Album: Let There Be Rock

AC/DC - Let There Be Rock Album
Album cover for Let There Be Rock by AC/DC released in
Bad Boy Boogie Lyrics
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