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24hrs feat. Joey Bada$$ - Forever I Love Atlanta Lyrics

Chopped the 42 Dugg, can't go broke like Jaw
She saw these VVS in my Cartier and she got shocked
I can take you to the moon and we'd be back before dinner
We catch a flight to Miami, we'd be back before lunch
Growin' up, I didn't talk, I always threw the first punch
If I tell you that I love you, then I really, really love you
Call that pussy T.I. 'cause I swear that it is trouble
Ay, Twenty, I love that you honest
I hate that them hoes in your comments
But I love that them hoes in your comments
'Cause that mean that my nigga is on it

Forever I love Atlanta, that's where I met lil' shawty
My nigga got robbed, that's why I always keep my .40
I made a promise that I always got your back
This shit a movie, it should be on Cinemax
If I take you on a date, have my driver come and drive you
Camera on the Cullinan, you know it got a sky view
Rollin' up a Backwood, "Twenty, can I massage you?"
You could bring a friend, I can Nicki Minaj you

I told her bring a swimsuit, she might wanna get wet
I got a mini igloo hanging up from my neck
She hit me up from the text when I hopped off of the jet
Said you was fuckin' her wrong, I gotta come and correct
And now she can't leave me alone 'cause she know I'm the one
Love the way we shine together, I might give her a son
We ride together in the 911, trunk in the front
We was headed to the store, told her get what she want
Ay, Joey, you know that you spoiled (uh)
You know that this pussy is for you
You wearin' your crown, it's so royal
You know you my king and I'm loyal

Forever I love my city, that's where I met lil' baby
The way she ridin' on it, probably drive a nigga crazy
Take you for a spin in my old school Mercedes
And I'll always be a player
Don't you ever try to play me, nah, nah
Published By: Lyrics © BMG Rights Management
Written By: Jo-Vaughn Scott, Robert Dozier III Davis